Thursday 12 Oktober

Mowhawk Stage Starkovitch Theater field Jungle Tropics
Les Biftecs Hells Pigeons Sound system // Messenjah Sound:
Zea / Terry Johnny MacAuley Rod David and Errol
Rauwe School: Humains Gauches Installations:
-Engel & Just De Giletjes Twisted Fairground Yann Keller
-dj skyfunker Lisa Chudalla Leif Laser harp
-soultravelers Hoempatrash Mirja Bons and Luke Deane Eerlijk Opgelicht
Yann Inextremiste bands:
Mr Rizzo's Fotostudio Snöleoparden
Fausto Barile Graffiti
Electric Circus Eject
Jenny de la Hamaca Write 93

Friday 13 Oktober

Mowhawk Stage Starkovitch Theater field Jungle Tropics
Hikury Beach DJ Basarow Hells Pigeons Sound system // Messenjah Sound:
Firepit Collective Johnny MacAuley Rod David Errol Naomi Sniper
La Banda Fantastica DJ Basarow Humains Gauches Generate
DJ Peach Trash Mud City Trash Daddies Twisted Fairground Karsten Pflum
De hardheid Dj Basarow Lisa Chudalla
Dj Lindsey Mutoid Grrzzz Yann Inextremiste Installations
Inner Terrestrials DJ Christal Empire Mr Rizzo's Fotostudio Yann Keller
DJ Peach Trash ZZZ Fausto Barile Leif Laser harp
De Beatzers DJ Christal Empire Electric Circus Eerlijk Opgelicht
Dj Lindsey Mutoid Love Boat Mirja Bons and Luke Deane Force 10
Zibabu Dj Pinquin Karavana Bands
  Duo Rodriguez Franceschini Roots of Dar Gnawa
Tony Clifton Circus Tailor Birds
DEFORM Snöleoparden
Compagnie Z DFF
Guillermo Leon
Sol Air Graffiti:
Feminist Mouse Circus Kombo
Smelly Suitcases Eject
Fenomena Logica Write 93
Jenny de la Hamaca

Saturday 14 Oktober

Mowhawk Stage Starkovitch Container Stage Theater field Jungle Tropics
Tehnorobics13 Tim Loud Rav'art Sound system // Messenjah Sound:
James Bar Bowen, Efa Supertramp, Tim Loud Oia & Kali Perky and Fiddle Rod David
Killdren Efa Supertramp Hells Pigeons Errol Naomi and Sniper
Roots Dar Gnawa James Bar Bowen Johnny MacAuley Shadowface/ Chunky/ Rasmetal(plL
Dj Ze Karlo Captain Frank & the cheap hoes Darmstadt Humains Gauches DateOne/ Force_10
Grassmoawer Twisted Fairground IlL Street TakeOver with TroubleSome Sounds
Dj Ze Karlo Les Slugs Lisa Chudalla Cubiqle
Trikosis Mirja Bons and Luke Deane Installations:
Dj Ze Karlo Ithak Inextremiste Jan Keller
Collectief Explosief Dj Peach Trash and Lindsey Mutoid Mr Rizzo's Fotostudio Leif Laser harp
DJ Vette Mette Sheriff Mouloud y el Zorro Loco Fausto Barile Eerlijk Opgelicht
Amsterdam Faya Allstars Dj Peach Trash and Lindsey Mutoid Electric Circus Bands:
DJ Vette Mette Primeval Soup Mirja Bons and Luke Deane Snöleoparden
AOS3 Dj Peach Trash and Lindsey Mutoid Karavana Tailor Birds
DJ Vette Mette La Mutanta Duo Rodriguez Franceschini DFF
Bustic Plaster Dj Peach Trash and Lindsey Mutoid Tony Clifton Circus Graffiti:
Captain Frank and the Cheap Hoes Kombo
Compagnie Z Eject
Guillermo Leon Write 93
Sol Air
Feminist Mouse Circus
Smelly Suitcases
Fenomena Logica
Tony Clifton Circus

Childrens program - In your element -by occii kinderpret

Saturday 14 Oktober only

tijd Kinder Theater Tent Workshops
14.30h Shaman stories by DonderElf with a special labyrinth & elementary initiation
(all ages)
15.15 Crazy puppet theater/ poppenkast Zaadje by Wim Noordengraaf
(all ages)
16.00 Toddler experience play Potjesman by Kajetan Uranitsch & Jasmin Hasler
(age 1,5 - 6 y)
16.30 - 18.00 Theatrical Treasure Hunt with pancakes as the birthday treat..
Adventure Track "'In your element" by de Landbouwers
17.00 Circus Orchestra by Why Not Circus & Cato Fluitsma
18.00 Giant bubbels with Milano
19.30 Shadowplay by WhyNotCircus.